Session Information & Forms

Preparing for our Session

The first counseling session is often daunting, and I try to make the experience easy and comfortable for everyone.

Before we get started, I ask all of my clients to complete a few forms. These forms are available here, but  I can also send them via email or will have them available 15 minutes prior to our appointment time.

Informed Consent

Client Information Form

My office setup includes a small waiting area, and a separate, private space for us to work together. I used my own living room as inspiration for the space; I want you to feel at home with me.

Service Fees

It is my firm belief that everyone should be able to afford mental health care, regardless of diagnosis, insurance coverage, or means.

Since I do not bill insurance in my practice, I offer a wide sliding fee scale to accommodate the needs of clients with diverse financial abilities. I will discuss payment options with all potential clients before beginning services. I am happy to provide a receipt that you may turn into your insurance company for reimbursement, if you should choose. Please check with your insurance plan regarding out of network reimbursement.

Many clients ask why I have chosen not to bill insurance. I find there are many benefits to having a strictly self-pay policy, including:

  • You, the client, have more autonomy in deciding how many therapy sessions you want, how long the sessions last, and when you are ready for termination
  • Insurance often has limitations in coverage, from high deductible plans to large-sum co-pays. A sliding-fee scale allows you to set the fee at an amount that feels fair and sustainable for you.
  • Many feel that self-pay offers increased privacy and confidentiality. With self-pay, you and I are the only people that may ever know you are seeking therapeutic support. (Please note there are limits to confidentiality, which are thoroughly discussed in our first meeting together.)

You can read more about my sliding fee information here:

Sliding Fee Information