The Look of TUPACO



Welcome to TUPACO, a wellness practice and a way of thinking based in Columbus, OH.

  • TUPACO is movement and visualization, an integration of wellness tools, fitness practices and mind/body explorations.
  • TUPACO is for all bodies, ability levels and ages.  All exercises in TUPACO can be modified for YOUR body.
  • TUPACO is body and mind in communication with each other so that the spirit feels better. It is learning to value the body, as it is, so that you may feel at your best, to do your best, today.
  • TUPACO can be experienced in an ongoing class, a workshop, a corporate setting or a private session, catered to your personal needs.
  • TUPACO integrates many techniques including: core work, stretching, yoga, breath work, dance, movement fundamentals, visualization and meditation.
  • TUPACO targets awareness, strength, alignment, balance, stress relief, clarity, focus, flexibility, energy, and harmony.
  • In TUPACO you will strengthen, relax, renew, revitalize and focus.
  • In TUPACO you will learn to: value and improve your body, clarify your mind, balance, relax and invigorate your whole self.
  • You will feel better!

Read about TUPACO’s Tools for Finding Wellness

Other Fitness & Wellness Offerings: Pilates & Reiki

Be sure to visit the Calendar Page to see All Tupaco, Pilates & Reiki Classes that Jessica is currently offering in and around Columbus, OH.