About Jessica Tupa, LPCC

About Jessica

I am a therapist, wellness facilitator, dancer, choreographer, and educator. More than this, however, I am a compassionate human with a desire to help others heal their own selves, and with a strong belief that this healing is possible with the right support.

My training and education include a BFA in dance from The Ohio State University and an MS Ed. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Dayton. I am also certified in PHI Pilates, and Dancing Mindfulness , and I actively pursue continuing education both as a dance artist and as a mental health practitioner

I’ve worked as a dance artist and educator for most of my adult life. Several years ago, while observing the profound effect that working with the body had on the mental and emotional health of others, I became inspired to expand my career into counseling. I returned to school for my master’s degree, and have since worked across a wide range of mental health concerns in many different agency settings. I strive for a balanced approach to my practice, using all of my experience and expertise to support every client’s ability to find growth and healing, and helping each client achieve their therapeutic goals.

I believe that our bodies hold much of our experience and our personal truth, and that by  accessing this through the therapeutic process we may find relief from suffering, and increased fulfillment in our lives. 

I offer traditional psychotherapy that is strongly client-centered. I also integrate mind-body work and arts-based interventions when this is appropriate or specifically requested. I prioritize establishing safety in my sessions, and creating a compassionate and supportive professional relationship.